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Please feel free to use the forum to post questions, topics and start discussions on topics related to Autism. 

Super Herbs Rules:


The following activities are not allowed and unacceptable on Super Herbs:

1. Posting offensive language, Comments, sexual comments, videos, and images.

2. Personal attacks.

3. Other inappropriate content and behavior prohibited on Super Herbs:

This includes any copyrighted material, a post made to promote a business or website, group, product or serial code particularly if made repeatedly. No discussion on banned topics or members, even discusses why they were banned. Also, any conflict that causes with other members. 

4. Please do not post any duplicate threads. 

5. No Spamming including with affiliate links:

> Do not create multiple topics in a short amount of time. 

> Cross-Posting is Prohibited.

> Please create only meaningful threads otherwise it will be deleted or locked.

> Your posts may be removed or deleted if they breach any of the above rules of Spamming.   

6. Please do not post the deleted posts or threads. It is against our rules. 

7. Personal attacks against people or other sites are not permitted. 

8. Mentioning your own site is only permitted once you've contributed substantial useful content to the forums. 

9. Owners and admin of Super Herbs reserve the right to edit, delete, remove, move, or lock any thread, post for any reason. 

10. Only one user account is permitted on Super Herbs unless given permission by the admin of Super Herbs. 


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